Automatic selection of focus stars with RoboStar

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Automatic selection of focus stars with RoboStar

Postby starkeeper » Sat May 07, 2016 9:56 pm

Following the release of the new ROBOSTAR focus method for automatic selection of the nearest stars I write some working notes on how to use it, although it does need some small automatic settings:

• you must have installed the version 1.0.6 and later
• in the general settings of voyager to focus tab there is a new box designed to ROBOSTAR and filters
• insert in this box for each filter the magnitude range of the focus star that ROBOSTAR will find the focus with that filter
• If you do not know what to put there are two buttons that will put automatically the interval, a key to the normal filters (broadband as LRGB) and a button for narrow filters (OII has SII)
• you can then manually select the magnitude for each filter if your system has special features or want to increase the performance of focus preventing such highly saturated stars
• Basic automatic settings offered with the default keys are good in 99% of cases
• in the sequence as focus method choose the Voyager ROBOSTAR and there will be no need to indicate the stars of focus in the sequence will be selected automatically

How does roughly the ROBOSTAR algorithm:

• select a list of stars from the database based on where the telescope point (by OnTheFly) or the target (Sequence)
• the selection is made by proximity to the target with range research that start from the 2nd up up to 180 °
• The search ends when the algorithm has found at least 3 stars useful for the fire that is on the side of the meridian where the tele
• of those found are discarded double
• of those remaining will be selected the first 3 that will result in the least movement of the canvas to steer them
• then the rest works as now, the star will be framed will be made the focus and then you will return to the target
• if the focus cannot be done, alternating the first 3 stars identified for precisely a maximum of 3 attempts after which the focus remains as it was and the sequence continues
• THIS algorithm is not going to take a minimum altitude or zenith (although it might) .... The Voyager philosophy is make focus near the target. The focus got so far is not the focus of the real subject for so many reasons.
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