2nd shot with Voyager: M82 Galaxy

First test with my longest focal scope, an SCT Meade ACF 10" with AP telecompressor. I have had a very bad seeing, an average FHWM of 7 !!! Only with the CCD Stack deconvolution, I have recovered a few details…(but Voyager is really impressive, at all: first V-Curve, on focus and sequence management without any problem for two nights)…!


That’s fantastic Roberto! Beautiful colors.

Great work.

I’ve had so many flawless all-night sessions with Voyager now that I’m forgetting what it was like with other software - but I do remember it was very frustrating (before Voyager!).


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Thanks Rowland: Voyager Starkeeper is really an impressive and robust software… :grinning::+1:

Wow Roberto … great result. I love the colors … its not easy !


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Very nice! Nice job with the processing.