About changing Sequence parameters during running

I keep reading on the forums that you cannot change the parameters of the Voyager sequence while it is running making operations complex … it is not entirely true in reality:

If you want to restart a sequence to apply the change you can stop it and use a fast way to restart
https://wiki.starkeeper.it/index.php/OnTheFly#Running_a_Sequence using the Sequence start Flag:

If you remove al flag and choose manual override Voyager will restart directly with the shot actions

this also in the DragScript Editor https://wiki.starkeeper.it/index.php/DragScript#Setting_Sequence_Options_from_a_DragScript

Remain the question that actually voyager not have memory of shot done and sequence restart from begin in terms of shot (if you not have modified it … because for example you can choose to shift the slot to solve the question or fix the number of shot or think in terms of time slot with repeat).

This will be added with JSON sequence in the next versions coming.

Hope this post help you.

All the best