Adding Auto Flat sequence to target configuration

Hello Leonardo and Beta Testers,

I would like to propose an additional (optional) attribute “Auto Flat” for the RoboTarget target configuration. This Auto Flat sequence should always be executed whenever shots of this target are done for a given night, even if the target is not completed.

Use case: If multiple targets with different rotation angles are imaged by RoboTarget in one night, this will provide fitting flats with exactly the rotator position (and all other setup) used by the shots of each target.

Best regards,

Hi Joachim,

thanks for this request but is not possibile to call AutoFlat inside a RoboTarget action.
Probably what will it possible to implement is to store the various mechanical PA used for target (this can be different on the same target before and after meridian making things terrible complex) and passing to AutoFlat action.

For your info, if you are not doing photometric calibration, at 99% you do not need different flat for different rotator position. Have you tried ?

All the best