Advanced + Array

Congrats again Leo on releasing Voyager Advanced! Are there plans to support Array + Advanced (Full) soon? Will it be released through the beta program as well?


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Will be released as Beta , I’ve started working on.
Are a really complex thing so cannot talk about a release date for first Beta.

All the best


Understandable. I would be more than willing to be a beta tester when you’re ready. Thanks Leo!


Any chances of this being a present under the tree?!! :christmas_tree::santa:
Auguri e buone feste!


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If needed I can also test with the Taka doublet mounted in the observatory. Best!


Poke on this. Any progress on integrating Advanced version with Array? Thanks!

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No, we are working on RoboOrbits for asteroids, comets and NEOCP full automation management.
We follow for first the commissioned jobs.

All the best

Understood. Thanks for the update.

Can I ask another feature that mentioned before, which is enable Mosaic with Advanced version. Is that also not planned?


Its planned and on the todo list.
In the meanwhile you can create easy a mosaic in RoboTarget:

  1. create a new set like container for the mosaic targets
  2. create the first target with all the constraints you need (or copy from the library of your default targets) and paste the coords of the first panel
  3. copy and paste with slot the target created at point 2
  4. modify the coords of the target created at point 3 with the 2 panel coords using copy and paste
  5. repeat from the point 3 until you finish all the panels of the mosaic

I hope this helps.

All the best