An alternative method for Voyager telephone notifications

Hi everyone, my name is Fabio aka Astropsycho and I have been using voyager since 2015.
I write this post to announce that I have found a simple method to make alert calls via voyager.

The method is based on the “callto:” function via html, which is normally used within the pages of websites to make phone calls directly from the browser. Normally the user visits a site where a phone number appears, clicks with the mouse on the phone number and the browser opens the default telephony program installed on the computer, allowing the phone call to start.

Currently, Skype does not allow a complete management of this function (at least for those that are my knowledge), but I have found a telephony service that accepts this method.

The service is called VOIPSTUNT, which provides a windows software to download and install and setting it appropriately makes it possible to call via html.

I did it this way:
a) I created an html file with a code that simulates the click when opened.
b) I created a batch script that once started, opens Firefox looking for the html file.
c) I instructed voyager like this: at the time of the emergency, start the batch script. The batch script opens the Html file. The HTML file simulates the click with the “callto:” function, the call starts.

This system currently does not work in the USA.

the voipstunt service is credited at a minimum of 10 euros.
Once reloaded, for 170 days calls are free to home phone numbers. Mobile phones have a cost that varies by area and by the operator (check on the site). After the 170 days of free calls, the credit starts to go down, but it costs very little.

RELIABILITY: The system seemed to me very reliable on home phone numbers. Much less on mobile phones (sometimes phone calls are not forwarded by servers). For this reason I decided to buy a cordless phone to keep close to the bed and avoid problems. (except my wife … ahahaha)

In windows 7, it is sufficient to go into the Voipconnect program settings and set the program as default for the “callto:” and “tel:” actions

In windows 10, on the other hand, you need a step further than the one mentioned above: go to the app associations, callto cerecare: and assign voipconnect. You can refer to google to see the assignment procedure.

In the SETUP TAB, tick the “callto:” function

You can download the example at this link:
NOTE; Chante the number in the HTML file after the voice callto: with your number.
The format of the number accepted is +(international code)(prefix)(number)
Example for italy: +39(<–international code)0541(<–national prefix) 73xxxxx(<-- telephone number)
so: +39054173xxxx

I saved this file on c: with the name “callfromvoyager.html” or “calltovoyager.html” o what do you prefer.

the batch script is the script that is started by voyager, and has the purpose of activating the web page “callfromvoyager.html”

start FIREFOX file: /// C: /callfromvoyager.html

where FIREFOX indicates the browser I want to use.

I’ve made a video for the voyager use

I hope this method can help some of you.
Thanks for reading


Fabio , great article … thank you so much for this appreciated effort and your precious time.
Your job is really usefull.

All the best

Thank you Leo for this wonderful software!

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