Any word on likely release time/cost/features for Advanced version?

This has probably been answered somewhere, but I’m wondering if someone has brought together the following information:

  1. Likely release time for advanced version
  2. Likely pricing
  3. Likely features

I’m running the trial at the moment and really like Voyager. But I would prefer to buy just once, and from what I have heard, I’m likely to want the advanced version of the software.

The above information would help me make some informed decisions.


Hi Madratter,
I try to answer your questions.
1- Release time can’t be precisely defined, we talk about a really complex development, but we are close to the finish line.
2- There will be a price for the Advanced version for new users, and a reserved crossgrade for the base license owners.
3- The complete list of features is confidential for the moment, but some screenshots and messages have been seen.

I’m sorry I can’t tell you more, but it won’t be long



New to voyager which seems pretty complete already - what would an advanced version offer ?

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Hi Fredd

Advanced is a version of Voyager with a scheduler called RoboTarget. An automata that can decide alone what shot during the night and how many time, using a series of constraints (this is the client editor) you can use locally or from remote.

We have just add the engine we need to calculate data using constraints and we are writing the final action.

All the best


Mamma Mia! :sunglasses: :muscle:t2: :+1:t2:

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This is very interesting. Currently I use an excel spreadsheet that I created that calculates moon illumination, distance to moon, average altitude of target and a set of principles that enable target y/n and then if good for LRGB+Oiii and then for Ha+Sii (for example, distance to moon needs to double if LRGB+Oiii and as a function of moon illumination).
What you show above seems to be very powerful and would replace my spreadsheet (link and explanations included here)
[The spreadsheet to rule them all - Experienced Deep Sky Imaging - Cloudy Nights]
Looking forward to the advanced version and the full integration it would provide.


Wow Leo, I thought the scheduler was not going to be implemented. What a great surprise, as soon as you release it, I will jump in.




Oh, me too me too me too. I’m very excited about this feature.


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Very excited to see this moving along! Can’t wait to see its release!



Thanks for your Help Gabe. Really appreciated.

All the best


Yes! Really looking forward to Advanced!

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Wow! Can’t wait to give that a run out!

Wow, I had the idea that it was stopped. Reading the Forum, Any ETA

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This is such a breakthrough feature! Amazing!

Weather here is finally improving after 6 months of awful temps and clouds (we just kinda skipped spring and went straight to summer). I’m excited for this to come out…hoping its soon!

Is RoboTarget still on the to do list? Seems we’ve been waiting forever.

When ready you will see announced on this forum.

All the best