Any word on likely release time/cost/features for Advanced version?

This has probably been answered somewhere, but I’m wondering if someone has brought together the following information:

  1. Likely release time for advanced version
  2. Likely pricing
  3. Likely features

I’m running the trial at the moment and really like Voyager. But I would prefer to buy just once, and from what I have heard, I’m likely to want the advanced version of the software.

The above information would help me make some informed decisions.

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Hi Madratter,
I try to answer your questions.
1- Release time can’t be precisely defined, we talk about a really complex development, but we are close to the finish line.
2- There will be a price for the Advanced version for new users, and a reserved crossgrade for the base license owners.
3- The complete list of features is confidential for the moment, but some screenshots and messages have been seen.

I’m sorry I can’t tell you more, but it won’t be long