APPM + Voyager Dragscript

Hi everyone,
First time poster. Just recently got my AP 1100 GTO a few weeks ago and I’ve been integrating it into my imaging workflow.

I use Voyager Advanced to automate my imaging sessions with a semi-permanent setup at home (mount lives on the balcony, OTA gets taken down and set up every night). I decided to incorporate APPM and model building into my imaging sessions. At first I just used Voyager to call APPM, waited for 40 to 45 minutes or so, and moved on. However Ray suggested I use the REST API to periodically poll APPM and check on its status. I wrote a Windows batch script that does that and returns one of the following depending on the status:

  • Running
  • Running, bad solves
  • Success
  • Done with bad solves
  • Run not started

I then incorporated that into a Voyager drag script which basically runs the batch script every minute, checks the status, and either moves on (if “Success”) or continues to wait if “Running.” There’s the option to extend the dragscript to handle bad solves if you want.

A few notes:
(1) I used a batch script because I didn’t want to install a coding platform on my NUC and keep it as minimal as possible. Windows apparently has support for JavaScript natively and that’s what I use to parse the JSON output from the APPM REST API.
(2) You have to specify -dontexit -auto when calling the APPM.exe, as well as -s with a settings file and -m with a mapping file. For the -s switch, I just save my APPM configuration. For the -m switch, APPM has an option to export the mapping points.
(3) In the Voyager dragscript, you can set the length of time before Voyager closes APPM and moves on. I have it wait for 1 minute and repeat the block 45 times, meaning that if the point model isn’t done after 45 minutes it will kill APPM and move on. If APPM finishes before this, the polling script will report a “Success” and the dragscript will move on earlier than the 45 minutes.

I wanted to thank Ray for his help with this. And also Voyager is awesome.

The two scripts can be found here



Great project (and result) JVM!

Glad you posted in the AP-GTO group also. :+1: