ARCO Rotator compatibility

We want to inform our users that the ARCO rotator from PrimaLuceLab is at now not compatible with Voyager software in case of reverse rotation needed. This with the actual ASCOM driver released by PrimaLuceLab. We are waiting for more info directly from the company.

All the best

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Thank you, Leo, for letting everybody know about it.

Looking forward to getting an update from PrimaLuceLab. As you know, I do have the ARCO rotator but cannot use it properly for the time being due to what you mentioned.

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Voyager is compatible with all ASCOM compliant rotators, I hope PrimaLuceLab aligns soon for those who use their products. Unfortunately, we can’t do anything about it.

thanks for the information, this is annoying… I was considering a purchase but for that price I expect full ASCOM compatibility

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Fully agree… I got it a few weeks ago and I can’t still use it properly. Problem is steming from the ASCOM driver - nothing to do with Voyager.

But let’s be patient… they will sort this out soon I hope. They are a great company / team.