ASCOM Dome connectionless

What does it mean when ASCOM dome connection-less to reads n.d. ??


Some Dome drivers doesn’t implements a real ASCOM Connect property because they doesn’t need.
Using connect property in Voyager like result throw an exception, i created a “connectionless” driver to avoid this. I think to Lunatico drivers for example. Sorry if the term is not correct.

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It connects as n.d but other times it connect the as
I have seen Voyager take a image before the dome is finished rotating.

Is there any way to test this connecting the camera to simulator. ( day testing)


If you choose RoolRoof mode Voyager doesn’t wait for dome finishing.
If you have Dome and is not slaved Voyager doesn’t wait for dome finishing rotate because it think you are working on dome for test or something else

You can test with Dome Simulator .net

How do you sync dome to scope ?

I use driver for the dome.
It does not have dome geometry parameters such in the driver.

These have to be provided by another program. I use ASCOM dome for the dome parameters and to slave to the telescope.

In voyager I use AscomDome connectionless which is set to LesveDomeNet in the chooser.
I have selected Dome slave to telescope setting in Voyager.
Is this ok?


I think you must choose Ascom Dome Control and in Ascom Dome Control choose Lesvedome (this during setting up) or Voyager cannot slaved the dome (i read on lesvedome page about sync they claim to use POTH or Ascom Dome Control).
If Dome is not slaved you receive a message (event in violet) in Voyager that Slave is unlock from user and image or all others actions that need have dome sync doesn’t wait , just start.

Look in voyager control box about observatory if dome is slaved, if not slave it.
During Sequence Voyager slave it automatically.

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There is a bug
Voyager monitor shows " Slave is unlock from user"
ASCOM Dome is slaved and this is reported in the commands area

Exposures start before dome is finished


Sorry to read about this . What monitor says is Slave is not running or driver return not slaved to Voyager application. If dome is not slaved Voyager doesn’t wait his movements.
If you think is a bug please send a mail with logs at support mail with indication of time of problem to found it.

I tried to look at code and test with the simulator but all work fine.
Other users doesn’t report problem about, this mean i can just only try from remote to understand if there’s something to fix. Please tell me when you are free by email. Again in private.

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For all using Dome:

Voyager has a safety system that unlock the wait to dome to rotating if user doesn’t do an action (inside Voyager) to slaved it on, you’ll receive a “Slave is unlock from user” message in monitor. This because some driver if slaved out of ASCOM or Voyager after connected to Voyager doesn’t report the slave status and also because slave on the dome must be a logged action for safety.

Voyager slave automatically the dome (if you check flag) only when starting a sequence. If you create a DragScript to manage all night remember to put a slave on block in the script if you do other mount operations before starting a sequence. Also rembember to slave off and park dome at end of script.

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I’ve added these as important notes in the Wiki :slight_smile:


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I hope this solve Max problem !