ATIK Camera Cooling Problems Solution

I could not get voyager to manage my ATIK 460ex CCD camera cooling, i.e. the camera would not cool and the sensor temperature was not reported. This was 3 days ago and I have since resolved the above problem. It is not the Voyager software but, it is the latest software driver supplied by ATIK cameras which is version I removed the version and installed an older ATIK camera driver which is version Installing the older driver worked, Voyager is now able to fully control the camera cooling, so, in conclusion, I find that Voyager remains robust and the fault lies with the latest ATIK camera driver, something is broken in it. I have informed ATIK cameras of my experience regarding the above and am awaiting a reply from them. Voyager is an excellent piece of software so when something doesn’t work in Voyager look to change your hardware driver. I hope my experience will be beneficial to those of you who have had similar frustrations. Thank you for your support Leonardo from a very happy Voyager user.