Automatic script

Dear all,

I would like my setup to be completely automated. Is it possible with Voyager to automatically launch a script?
What I will want is for my computer to start at a given time, then Voyager to launch after booting and then automatically run a script (which will run the sequence only if the weather is good).

Thank you all !


Hi Romuald,

If you want to switch on PC you need an external system to do this like another PC with Viking and an I/O card and an instance of Voyager with DragScript or scheduled switch on/off process in an I/O Card.

All the best

All is Ok Leonardo, thank you a lot !


This is very important in perpetual operation, I’ve found that after several days of perfect operation windows will start having issues connecting to some hardware, and the only way to solve it is to reboot it.

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FWIW I have successfully run the official perpetual script for more than a year, the only issues that I’ve found are related to Windows and hardware disconnections.

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