Basic questions for Voyager Array and Multi-scope management

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Fixed was a bug, thanks for report @yzhzhang

Hi Leonardo, Array users,

I want to circle back on this topic. I ran into issues with Array on autofocusing. In the beginning of the night the temperature drops FAST, and I can see my systems not holding focusing. I initially set it to re-focus every 40min or so, but frames after the first one just can’t hold the focusing, and HFD becomes huge. I end up having to re-focus every two frames, and even then sometimes the 2nd frame is slightly weak on focusing. I think there just have to be better ways of handling focuser adjustment. Will you consider adding the temperature compensation feature so that I can use the combination of that + re-focusing every 3-4 frames, or do you suggest I have to re-focus every frame in my senario? Or, will you consider adding “refocus every X degree change” for Array so I can trigger re-focus based on temperature change?

I don’t think it’s the HW issue as into the night when temperature is steady; It’s just autofocusing is not triggered frequently enough when temperature changes fast.


Hi Yizhou,

you never found temperature compensation in Voyager, this is something not reliable. Better to redo focus.

In your case, experience tells me that if you lose focus so quickly you are underestimating the acclimatization of your setup. Some setups need 1 1.5 hours of acclimatization before they can be used. This especially if taken outside and then used or if present in the observatory and used as soon as the roof or dome is opened. I would also advise you to verify that the problem does not come directly from elsewhere.

We will add the trigger for the temperature but I don’t think it can help you from how you wrote.

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Circle back on this, any plan/progress on implementing temperature-based AF trigger? I think it’s fine if we can just trigger AF based on main scope’s temperature sensor. Thanks!


Not yet Yizhou, its not a priority in the todo list.

Generally if you are interested for a feature you can also ask for custom service.
We will send you back an offer about with time prevision for realization.

Thanks Leo. IMO this should be with high demand within Array user group, but I am too cheap and I’ll wait until it climbs up on your priority list :slight_smile: