Bump dither in a sequence

This an extract from my dragscript:

Acquiring Guide Star: Time 7 [s] - Binning 1 - Use RoboGuide Star Selection
Guide Start: Time 7 [s] - Binning 1 - Use RoboGuide Star Selection
Expose: Filter [2] GREEN - 35 [s] - Bin 1 - Full Frame - Light - Exp - [CMOS Gain=0 Offset=0]
Guide Stop
Unguided Dithering: Max Pixel 9 [pixel] - From Last Precision Pointing Action Position - Use Actual Position on Empty/Fail condition
Repeat Block For n Times: 5

The problem is that this makes a dragscript covering 6 filters a bit cumbersome. I would like to simplify by calling a number of sequences (e.g. GREEN). I can’t see a way getting a sequence to “guide –> stop guiding –> dithering –> start guiding” within a sequence. Am I wrong ?

Using a guided dither takes too long to settle on my set up and I’m not convinced that quality of data is as good as my dragscript (above).

If you using Sequence Block or you running guided exposure and guided dithering or use unguided exposure and unguided dithering. You canno mix, sorry.

All the best

Is there any chance you would add the ability to mix, Leonardo ?

No one ask, but if you need
Send to me a mail about and I will put in todo list

All the best