Cant start Voyager -- stuck at Sound Preload

Had a clear night in over a month last night and I opened up the observatory, connected to the mount and started Voyager. The splash screen came up and after a few minutes it did not disappear, instead there was a line at the bottom of the splash screen that said “Sound Preload” This stayed there and Voyager did not proceed any further. I rebooted my computer but still got the same message. I was able to start a second session of Voyager but still got the Sound Preload message.
Running Release 2.2.10 Build 2020-06-03 on a windows 10 computer. Nothing has changed since I last used the software which I updated the last time I used it.

if You need official support please use dedicated channels:

We do not offer support trough forum.

Anyway seems you have closed not in right way Voyager and OS info about Voyager windows are damaged: