Can't use Gmail for sending email

It appears that as of May 30, 2022, Gmail no longer supports the “Less secure apps” option. In the Voyager “Send Email” DragScript signal, it says to allow access from less secure apps, which I can not do. Gmail now requires the use of an app password, but there’s no way to enter that for the “Send Email” signal. Will Voyager be updated soon to support this? Or is there a work around?

We have dedicated mail service for Voyager users so we cannot follow Gmail in all their pindaric fly.
I will put this check in the todo list. I suggest to use internal service for email or using telegram.

Thanks! I used the Voyager account email and it works great.



there is nothing to do Voyager side.
Just create your app password (like app name you can Use new and write Voyager) and instead of your user password use the password generated by Google

How to create the password in google for app:

All the best

Interesting! I didn’t know it would work that way. This information will help me in some other situations as well. Thanks for looking into that!