Carina nebula area

Imaging opportunities have been very limited on the Australian east coast between the weather for several months and bushfire smoke (Thankfully no serious fires in my area so far this year, our turn came six years ago) Last week presented two nights of good conditions so I decided to image an object that was not too challenging.

This is 97 X 300 second subs of the Carina nebula and surrounds, shot with a Stellarvue SV70 scope and ZWO ASI294MC Pro camera. This is a bayer drizzle integration in Astro Pixel Processor with minor post processing in Photoshop CC.

Astrobin high res here


Excellent choice, one day I can also make this object.
Marzio :hugs:

I like the subtle color tone variations you got.

Carina is a nice target with lots going on, but easier to process than M42 as it does not have as much of a dynamic range.

Rather than post another thread, my previous target was M42, shot with Voyager using the same equipment but the weather limited me to 25 X 5 minute subs. I should hit it again soon if the weather cooperates so I can gather enough subs to use a drizzle process without introducing too much noise, my current equipment results in undesampling so drizzle is useful.