Changing a Sequence Parameter Once The Sequence is Running

I needed to change the camera readout speed from 12MHz to 2MHz (I accidentally set 12MHz for the sequence). So I paused the sequence and went into the sequence parameters and changed the readout speed from 12MHz to 2MHz - saved it - and resumed the sequence. Unfortunately it still readsout at 12MHz after doing this?

What is the correct way to change this once the sequence has started??

Okay, think I figured it out. Pausing the sequence is not enough, you actually need to “Stop” the sequence by Aborting it? I did that and it now is reading out at 2MHz.

You can change settings of sequence when you want also if sequence is running.
Just go in tools menù, choose sequence editor and change what you need.

To apply if sequence is actually running (from onthefly or dragscript) you need to stop and restart the sequence, for restart you can choose fast restart flags in any combination to fastening things (in onthefly or dragscript mode).

All the best

Just one tip about sequence, create your base sequence and inherits from it.

If you use only onthefly:

  • open sequence base
  • modify target name and coords
  • switch off slots you dont need
  • in remaining slots change number of sub if you need
  • save as sequence with new name

if you use dragscript:

  • you can override base sequence data from sequence block without opening

All the best