Custom Horizons

This must be basic but I am stuck. I have Voyager ADVANCED. But I do not understand how to get the custom horizon window to “work”. How do I enter data or create the curve/contour? Must you start with an import?

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Yes, you have to import a file. They are a couple different formats supported. I just used a simple text file with azimuth and altitude pairs like this:
0 22
31 22
40 42
133 63
154 53
178 57
229 14
276 18
310 21
332 22

This is the list of supported formats with the generic by csv !

That you “had to” import wasn’t made clear to me, so thank you. Often you see horizon features with a graphic input mechanism. It is probably unnecessary but in searching for that I was stuck.
Thanks Leo

Voyager, like automation software, is a comsumer of the horizon ! In anycase you can create manually in a simple excel file or using a smartphone application dedicated to horizon or one of the planetarium around. Interpolations between points are done directly from Voyager during the import if necessary.