Custom window layout

Hi everybody,

Quick question…

Is there a way to save a custom window layout like the one I set up below?

Unfortunately every time I start Voyager I have to drag my windows around to get back to this layout.


Dear Jacques,

layout saving is a default feature in Voyager and you do not need to do anything.
If the layout is not recall at Voyager start this means you have some problems on folders/files permission in your OS.

Anyway try to restore default layout from menu window of Voyager and redo personalization.
I just tested your layout and close and reopen Voyager without any problems:

All the best

Try installing Voyager in its own directory, not in the program files directory under windows 10.

Thanks Leo,

Resetting the window layout and redoing it did the trick.


Thanks fo rfeedback

All the best

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