[Daily Build] Voyager 2.0.14e version ready


Some screenshot about new features:



You are the man Leo! :sunglasses:


I know :sunglasses: … shhhhhh :zipper_mouth_face:!!


I agree with you… :grinning:


Fantastic stuff Leo, these are extremely good usability / “quality of life” features.

I’ll add to the Wiki shortly… giving a presentation on “Beginning Astrophotography” on Tuesday and need to write that first!



One question comes to mind - if a Sequence is executing, either OnTheFly or in a DragScript, can you edit it or is a snapshot taken when the sequence starts?

Example - I start a sequence that includes L, R, G and B exposures - say 10 of each. The sequence starts executing. I want to change “10” to “20” exposures each. Or add Ha filter. Can I do that without aborting the sequence or script?

I want to be clear in the Wiki what happens if a sequence is executing and you try to edit it.



Excellent news, Leo. I’ve posted the list of new features to Cloudy Nights. This should encourage some of those reluctant to try Voyager due to the previously missing features. You’re quite the conscientious man, Leo.


This is a fantastic release, Leo. You’ve been very busy.

Thank you!



@Rowland_Archer no problem Rowland … thank you so much for your time
@Rowland_Archer Voyager using shadow memory to edit/modify/run sequence. You can create/change all the sequences you want, if you modify the sequence running the sequence will not be affected by change until you restart it. I’m finding a way to hot modify …

@epdreher Thank you … i think most of CN users hate Voyager. Probably because i’m writing bad english :thinking: :smile:

@Starship Thanks to you … so many time inside Voyager … to much !

Thanks to all of you that had look at this post.


OMG! what an update!


Thanks … so kind …


This would be the icing on the cake! With the weather I get in SE England, I keep changing the order of my sequences and start/stop times. If there is a way of modifying these, it would be a game changer! :muscle:


I agree with Roberto, hot modification would be a huge help. Like Roberto, I sometimes want to change something in a running sequence and I don’t want to start over from the beginning. Pure hot modification with no pause is best, but even a Pause / Edit / Resume where you left off or at a specified sequence element would be great.



You can do this now with dragscript … just move the block and change time, save dragscript then stop and restart the dragscript with sequence starting options from the node you want.

Also if you change a sequence before it start on dragscript the dragscript use the new version without stopping nothing.

I’m talking (for hot change) changing the slot in the actual sequence running…


A Full license of Voyager will work for final shot time … just ask object and time for filter and exposure lenght for filter with some constraints … and nothing else. In this case the sequence save the shot advance.


“I’m talking (for hot change) changing the slot in the actual sequence running…”

That’s what I’m talking about too :slight_smile:

But I understand your examples of ways to achieve the same goal today.

Hot edit would be easiest for the user, just make the change to the running sequence and the changes take effect with the next frame… or slot? Ideally with the next frame I think.



Problem is which change to allow ?
Number is ok, duration is ok readout mode and speed and bin is ok and so just filter is a problem because can mean to redo focus.


Leo, I seriously doubt it’s your English, which is obviously better than our Italian. :wink:

There are very likely far more CN members trying Voyager than are being open about it. SGP is entrenched and it is a good program, but not nearly as user-friendly as Voyager. When I’m away from SGP for a couple of weeks due to our crazy weather this year, I feel like I have to review my familiarity before using it again.

Not so with Voyager. It just flows when I want to do something under the stars. CN members don’t hate Voyager, they’re just used to SGP, with some of them unwilling to try something new.


@Rowland_Archer I think to have found a way … inject from monitor menù to evaluate reload of actual running sequence . Just see what change and prepare and show an interactive windows to ask to user what to do based on what voyager found different … this mean i can expand change control during the weeks to make development more flexible.

@epdreher thanks Eric … and thanks for your analysis. I think Voyager have inside a lot of technology … its difficult to communicate this because some people like more a better GUI instead of a better automation engine inside


I know you have discussed this before but think about users specifying offsets for their filters. I use that in MaxIM and only focus once per target and sometimes once per night (my refractor is very predictable in terms of focus change with T)…but I’m trying to move fully to Voyager and not use MaxIM or anything else! :grin: