[Daily Build] Voyager 2.0.14e version ready


I know you have discussed this before but think about users specifying offsets for their filters. I use that in MaxIM and only focus once per target and sometimes once per night (my refractor is very predictable in terms of focus change with T)…but I’m trying to move fully to Voyager and not use MaxIM or anything else! :grin:


Dear Roberto offset and temperature compensation is out of my scope because doesn’t really work for all … focus depends from a lot of variables.I put on todo list but not now. There’s also a problem, voyager connect autofocus system not focuser if you don’t use RoboFire .
Voyager doesnt born to be fast but to get best without problems.

All the best


I would not be among those claiming SGP has a better GUI, Leo.

I find Voyager very easy to navigate.


-These are really great features!

-It would be nice if we can configure the Sequence inside the Dragscript editor.
Going back and forth is bit a slow.

-Roberto. My AP Honders is very temp stable and very reproducible too.

I find the focusing on Voyager is so fast that it is not a big deal to wait 1 min.

The filter offset feature might be nice since this gives a better starting point for Voyager if your filters are a different thinness like mine.

Right now I have the offsets add inside MaxIM. I just connect the focuser using MaxIM. MaxIm changes the offset when voyager call the filter.

I image you could use MaxIm’s Temperature control focus too.
I am not sure how it interacts with Voyager. I think best to Voyager’s focusing off.



Ok Ok … i understand … i put on the near to-do list :slight_smile:
i think autofocus is the best way to manage focus … but in case of different thickness i can agree with you !

Congrats for the telescope Max ! Voyager is lucky to manage an array of 4 RH305 …

Max i think you lost something … you can edit sequence and dragscript at the same time … you can have DragScript editor open and sequence editor open at the same time. You can also edit a sequence used in a dragscript when a dragscript is running.

Temperature compensation you’ll never find in Voyager … this i can tell you just now !

All the best


The Wiki has been updated with the new features in 2.0.14e. Great work Leo!

I also added a Version number in the sidebar at the top - this is the version of Voyager that the Wiki documents, so if things in the Wiki are not matching your copy of Voyager, check to see if you are on the same version.

If you are and things still don’t make sense or match, let me know!



Thanks Rowland, and so many thanks for maints the wiki.

All the best