[Daily Build] Voyager 2.0.14f version ready

Ready to download the daily build 2.0.14f of Voyager:

Link to Base Version Protocol for Application Server, command will be allowed or not based to the Voyager versions. Base version provide only events:
Voyager Application Server Protocol.pdf (751.4 KB)

'[DRAGSCRIPT] => MOD => Added Flag in Unguided Dithering Block to use current position in case of original empty position value
'[APPSERVER] => NEW => Added Application Server to the rest of the commercial versions of Voyager, which can be activated from Setup, tab Voyager, Box Application Server
'[APPSERVER] => NEW => Added NewFITReady Event for the implementation by some users of external customized FITViewer and Data Analyzer

'[DRAGSCRIPT] => MOD => Aggiunto Flag nel Blocco Unguided Dithering per utilizzare la posizione attuale in caso di valore di posizione originario vuoto
'[APPSERVER] => NEW => Aggiunto Application Server anche al resto delle versioni commerciali di Voyager, attivabile da Setup al tab Voyager Box Application Server
'[APPSERVER] => NEW => Aggiunto Evento NewFITReady per la realizzazione da parte di alcuni utenti di FITViewer ed Data Analyzer personalizzati esterni

Daily Build is declared potentially unstable … download the last official release version to come back.

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Wiki updated to 2.0.14f!


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Thanks for the API documentation!

Thanks to you … i’ll add commands today.

All the best

Thanks Rowland

All the best

I am not sure I fully I understand. It this now part of the base version ?

One question that I am sure will be asked. Can this control 2 scopes on one mount?

This is tough problem if you intend to guide or guider + dither one scope but not the other.
The exposure would have to be coordinated so that the second scope does not loose to many images do to guiding/dither.
Fully unguided for both scopes should be easier since there is not a dependency.


Voyager have an array manager in custom version. Working in LAN in a multi PC environment and for unguided sequence.

Actually doesn’t manage more scope in one mount. Advanced version will do this i’m just finished to modify Voyager to be multiinstace in my beta version.

The Unguided dithering is for unguide sequence … the user that ask me this dragscript block have created with dragscript his own sequencer code whitout using original voyager sequence. He use a 10micron mount. Dithering in anycase is necessary, just work different with mount movements. This new feature is related to this ask for a single scope sequence.

Not tru that a fully unguided is independet … focus is a problem. Must be sync or focuser move affect the shot in other scopes … test on my skin ! Custom version of Voyager can manage sequence and focusing up to 4 telescope in the same mount.

Goal is to extend in a local environment (not LAN) and in a single PC with guide support.
Now is not supported