[Daily Build] Voyager 2.1.1j version ready

Ready to download the daily build 2.1.1j of Voyager:

'[SEQUENCE] => NEW => Aggiunta opzione in Sequenza (Tab Meridian Flip) per gestire l’eventuale Meridian Flip forzato da applicazioni esterne a Voyager. Viene abortita l’eventuale posa in atto e forzate le operazioni inerenti il Meridian Flip. Attenzione, un uso improprio di questa opzione può creare danni al setup

'[SEQUENCE] => NEW => Added option in Sequence (Tab Meridian Flip) to manage the eventual Meridian Flip forced by applications external to Voyager. Any shot running is aborted and operations related to the Meridian Flip are forced. Attention, improper use of this option can damage the setup !


Daily Build is declared potentially unstable … download the last official release version to come back.


Leo, first test success! I ran my first test of the externally-triggered meridian flip last night. I did it in an On The Fly sequence. As the second image was being taken I forced a meridian flip in APCC. I got 6 or so immediate guide errors, with some other messages following. Abort image I think? Seemed at about 10 seconds after the flip started, there was an “Initiating Meridian Flip” message. The flip continued til completion, there was a plate solve and recentering. This took awhile as AP does “safety slews” with the CW up, slewing to the meridian, the skewing back in RA then DEC to maximize safety. But it worked! There was a guide calibration, focusing, resuming guiding and imaging and successfully completed the run! So thanks very much! I’ll try to do more later this week.


Very good news Wayne … i’m happy to read about. If you have time send the log in private.
Enjoy Voyager

All the best