[Daily Build] Voyager 2.1.6d version ready

Ready to download the daily build 2.1.6d of Voyager:

  • MOD => ASI Voyager Native Camera Driver, Optimized download operations to lower the times
  • NEW => Added possibility to set Gain and Offset for CMOS in the configuration of the FLAT sequence ONLY for all CMOS Voyager Native Camera Driver… not for ASCOM
  • NEW => Added possibility to set Gain and Offset for CMOS Voyager Native Camera Driver in the configuration of the FLAT Sequence also using the presets, button with lens
  • NEW => Added to the DragScript Expose block the possibility to select Gain and Offset only for CMOS managed with Native Voyager Drivers
  • MOD => FITViewer, The crosshairs is now always visible for all images when active, even the new ones
  • NEW => Introduced flag in Setup Voyager Guide to disconnect the controls connected in PHD2 togheter with disconnection of Voyager controls

ASI Voyager Native Camera Driver is finished. After your final tests will be released as official in 2.1.7
Thanks for who tested and sended feedback to me.

Daily Build is declared potentially unstable … download the last official release version to come back.


I really appreciate the ability to disconnect equipment from PHD2 within Voyager. Thanks for including it, Leo.

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Wiki updated.
I’ve been using 2.1.6d - we’ve finally had a nice run of 5 good nights in a row after almost two months of nothing.
All appears to be working well with my ZWO ASI1600MM Cool cameras (one on each pier), including dusk and dawn sky flats.
Thanks Leo!

Thanks Rowland, if someone will be interest i’ll pubblish the 2.1.7 in the we.

All the best

You know I’ll always download the latest :slight_smile: .
Your daily builds are better quality than most software’s “golden release” as far as bugs go. I think I’m doing 95% of my imaging with your dailies.


Same here. I always update and never had an issue.

True. The only issues I’ve ever experience with Voyager were my PC-related peripherals, i.e. USB3 cable length. Voyager itself, no matter what version, has always worked flawlessly.

We are working hard with … thanks for your feedback.

All the best