[Daily Build] Voyager 2.2.10j version ready

Ready to download the daily build 2.2.10j of Voyager:

NEW => New option added in RoboFire in the various tab settings to add the current focuser position to the FIT file name in sequence
NEW => DragScript -> New Conditional block DO IF FOCAL LENGTH inserted to check the focal length
MOD => Modified the maximum and minimum values ​​that can be set in the gain and offset fields of the autoflat sequence, have been brought to -9999 and +9999
MOD => Expanded RoboStar database with stars from magnitude 0 to 2 for ultra narrow filters
BUG => Voyager setup was considered disconnected even after the connection if manual flat mode was selected and the flat was connected manually, this caused some actions of the dragscript such as camera exposure to fail

Daily Build is declared potentially unstable … download the last official release version to come back.

All the best