[Daily Build] Voyager 2.3.1j version ready

Ready to download the daily build 2.3.1j of Voyager:

NEW => Tools → A new tool has been introduced in OnTheFly (box Utilities) to help manually rotate the camera to the desired Sky PA

MOD => TheSkyX / 64 → Changed AO homing method

Thanks to everyone have contributed to this daily build with their test and report.

All the best



Considering Tool in Beta, feedback about test will be really appreciated.

I can suggest just a little feature that could be useful as the following:
add an option to enable the calculation of the adjust angle in “modulo division of 180 degrees” for rectangular sensors(e.g. on a rectangular sensor it does not matter if the image is rotated by 180 degrees, the rotation and alignment of the frames will in charge of the alignment/stacking software). The same reasoning could by applied to square sensors and obviously in this case the calculation could be performed in “modulo division of 90 degrees”.

Thank I will add settiing to use or not a module and a setting to define module

All the best

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Hello Leo
what is the new mod for AO homing ?

Modified the home centering calling only the center method and no star reacquire like for the other kind of controls. No documentation about and no answer from SB. I cannot test under the sky so… really difficult.

All the best

I sent also it to SB about the tilt 100 issue after some time…
I will revert if I got any news…

Tilt at 100% mean something wrong on bumping settings. Check your TSX settings.

All the best

Default Mode:

Module 180°:

Module 90°:

Green circle evidence the angle used for alignment.
Thank you so much for the idea Andrea, I will pubblish a 2.3.1ja version.

All the best

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Most excellent been wanting this for a while :slight_smile:

Many thanks


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Super fast implementation!!! I will try it during the next week.

Thank you

That is an excellent looking tool, I am lucky in that rotating my camera does not seem to upset anything tilt wise so I do it reasonably often. It was not all that difficult just by plate solving manually but the graphical feedback here will be a great help to speed it up. I will download and try it out next time I get clear sky!

This is amazing! I had been hoping to see this in Voyager one day. Thanks, Leo!


Awesome addition Leo! :tada:

Thankyou so much Leo, I will try out the AO centering update tonight.