Disable sequence lines without delete

Hi Leo,

I’d like to have the option to save disabled slots in sequence files. Currently there is the left hand ‘toggle green’ of the line number (1,2,3 etc.) which can be used when the sequence is open for editing only; they are removed on save/reload. Would it be possible to save/reload these disabled slots with the sequence, keeping the details in those lines ?

I often do quite a bit of messing around with slots due to our weather so this would help.

I hope that made sense.

Many thanks
PS. It would be even better if the number of shots outstanding per slot could also be saved with some way of resuming just the shots left.

We will try to do what you request adding a flag for disable or not.
Best to work for time slot in Voyager. Instead to get the precise number or shot using concept of time and repeat more time the sequence. You will have multiple of this time.

Instead to delete modify the sequence and with another name … you will have to original one always to manage and inherits

If you need absolute number i think the best solution will be using Advanced version when will be ready.

All the best

Thank you Leo, that’s much appreciated. I also like the time based concept you mentioned as an alternative to number of shots as, after all, we’re only after integration time; the number of shots is purely a mental translation to allow us to input that into something the imaging program can understand.