Dome Slave Manager - Slowing Down Focus Routine?

My focusing seems to take forever and while watching it I see this message of:

Dome Slave Manager - Check Rotation (Wait If Rotating)

Its taking like 10 min to focus?

I have an ASCOM dome too.
It should check for rotation before an image.
My logs show this takes less than second during autofocus.
There is some thing hung up or configured wrong.

I had the time to check rotation set to 10 sec in ADH under Dome Setup…I set that to 90sec…to see if maybe the Dome was just updating to often and interfering with the autofocus routine that way? Trying it out now.

Btw…I’m about 15 min from a pier flip…should Voyager do that flip all by itself…all I need to do is watch? Guess I’ll find out shortly :slight_smile:

I hope the dome is not going to follow the scope during Meridian Flip. :open_mouth:


I’ll let you know what happens…if anything :slight_smile:

Hmmm…it started another 10 min exposure with only 7 min till Flip time?

So, the Flip failed and I had to do it manually. I noticed that in my sequence I did not have “Manage” checked under Meridian Flip, so I’m guessing I need that checked and Voyager will do the Flip itself?

Yes you need to select “Manage” in Sequece window under Merian Flip tab.


Running sequence with no meridian manage is really a big risk of damage. When you start a sequence with this option Voyager tell you about this risk.

For meridian flip Voyager can start shot also after meridian crossing and finish the shot, depends on how you configured it in setup and in sequence. What will never happen is that Voyager run a meridian flip before meridian is crossed.

If dome driver report Dome is rotating Voyager wait until that movements are stopped, so fix the dome configuration in driver or check if the driver work correctly.

All the best