Dragscript events question

I am trying to add dome and mount actions to emergency events. The script is based on the Video. Does this script make sense to do these functions?

Suspend causes park mount and dome close.
Resume causes unpark and open
Exit causes park mount and dome close.

I don’t understand the Emergency Suspend wait until absolute time. Why is it an absolute time function necessary here?

The script is ok, never ending … only for emergency exit or suspend if duing suspend time pass 19.00.

The absolute time in the suspend is necessary to prevent the suspension from going on indefinitely. Usually itis waiting for the return from suspension until the time when there is no longer darkness or beyond which one is no longer interested in taking pictures. As I said without this time you would wait indefinitely if the conditions that led to the suspension do not fall or if the emergency exit conditions do not occur.

You doesn’t check action result … if parking fail or close shutter fail the script finish without notify you.
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It would be nice if suspend stopped after astronomic twilight started or very light condition from the cloud sensor.
I will add checking actions and notifications.



Not all leave setup connected and can retrieve astronomical nights data.
Also not all have cloud sensor with light track. If you programming light like emergency exit and system is suspended the dragscript exit for emergency, is yet implemented.
Anyway i can add astronomical night data end on suspend event

All the best