Dragscript feature request - Wait hour angle

Would it be possible (Or already on the roadmap) to add a dragscript block of “Wait hour angle” with a similar direct entry for target coordinates or selection via roboclip like the “wait altitude” block that is already available?

A “wait hour angle” block would permit imaging to start at a given angle before any particular objects “best” position as it rises to it’s highest altitude and descends again, regardless of the targets declination angle.

Hi Paul,

Have you tried the DO IF HA conditional block ?
WAIT HA is really blocking, you risk to wait all the night without doing nothing.

All the best

Thanks Leonardo, I will look deeper into the “Do if HA” block. Normally I am starting a script that I have just set up so I have not had any instances where a wait HA would stop the night, but now you point it out I can see it would need care to avoid that if the script was more automated for unattended imaging.

Like you, I originally wanted a wait hour angle and Leonardo gave me the same advice. I thought about it and realized he was right.

I now use the Do HA as suggested. A typical block looks like this:
Voyager Ha Block 20200601

Remember that now there is the IF SKIPPED control added, useful to recognize if a sequence or mosaic exit for constraints triggering.

All the best