DragScript - Go To Alt/Az in AP mounts

Ok Leo. I understand. Just for my benefit I inserted a Stop Tracking command in the script, followed by a 10s wait, followed by the GoTo AltAz command (with the coordinates inverted). I get the below from the ASCOM log, which shows the same error. I have asked Ray for an explanation also:

15:59:13.138: ASCOM: Info : SET Tracking = False


15:59:23.551: ASCOM: Info : GET SiteLongitude = 6.66666666666629E-02

15:59:23.552: ASCOM: Info : GET Altitude = 89.3463888888889

15:59:23.552: ASCOM: Info : GET EquatorialSystem = equLocalTopocentric

004511 2019-01-20 15:59:23.552: ASCOM: Info : GET RightAscension = 4.85555555555556E-02

15:59:23.563: ASCOM: Info : GET Tracking = False

15:59:23.564: ASCOM: Info : GET Tracking = False

15:59:23.564: ASCOM: Info : SET Tracking = True

15:59:23.564: ASCOM: Info : SET TrackingRate = 0

15:59:23.564: Driver: Info : CommandBlind TX=’:Q#’

15:59:23.574: Driver: Info : CommandBlind TX=’:RT2#’

15:59:23.596: ASCOM: Info : GET Tracking = True

15:59:23.618: ASCOM: Info : GET CanSlewAltAzAsync = True

15:59:23.630: ASCOM: Info : SlewToAltAzAsync() Az=120, Alt=35

15:59:23.630: check_connected: Exception : Track <> g_bTracking: False, True : SlewToAltAzAsync

Thanks again


Because Voyager start tracking if stopped … how i tell you in some driver stopping track mean no slew also in AltAz mode :relaxed: simple ! How i’m new to ASCOM also so many mount driver developer are new to ASCOM …

I check again and nothing is inverted in Voyager field and data passing… but dialog in dragscript present the data in inverted row order … this can create confusion if someone doesn’t read label . i switch order to avoid this

From Ray

I’m yet to test it:

Hi Roberto,

> Is my understanding of the above log correct? Could it be Voyager setting the rate back to Sideral just before
> the GoTo AltAz?
Yes, it is likely that Voyager is doing that. So that you can prove to yourself that is the case then copy the following lines into a file named β€œSlewToAltAzTest.vbs” (or another name) on the computer with the ASCOM driver setup and ready to communicate with your AP Mount. The β€œ.vbs” file extension will make the file a VBScript file that can be executed.

Then from Windows explorer double click the vbscript file. This should create a connection to the mount and the script execute the slew to Alt=50, Az=120 asynchronously. If you want you can change the Alt/Az values.

When the slew completes a prompt will display. You should be able to confirm the Alt/Az coordinates in the driver’s window before exiting the script.

’ Copy/Paste starting from this line into a file named "SlewToAltAzTest.vbs’
’ Astro-Physics Mount Test Slew to Alt= 50, Az = 120

dim scope

’ Connect to the Astro-Physics V2 ASCOM driver
set scope = CreateObject(β€œAstroPhysicsV2.Telescope”)
scope.Connected = True

’ if parked, unpark the mount
If scope.AtPark Then scope.Unpark

’ Turn tracking off before starting Alt/Az Slew
scope.Tracking = False

’ Slow to Az = 120, Alt = 50
’ Note that Az comes first!
scope.SlewToAltAzAsync 120,50

’ Wait for slew to complete
While scope.Slewing
’ Wait one second
WScript.Sleep 1000

’ Indicate slew is complete
MsgBox β€œSlew Completed”

’ Disconnect from the driver
scope.Connected = False

’ deallocate scope object before exiting
Set scope = Nothing

’ End of lines to copy!

I think to have answered to you above … if you wanna try the script not problem.

All the best

I modified DragScript block … now you can force use conversion.
You’ll find in the next daily build of Voyager.

All the best

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