DragScript Time value by email

Dear all,
Thanks to Leo my DragScript is becoming more and more complex but more and more efficient :slight_smile:
In my script I’m waiting the astronomical night and the dawn. Is there a solution to send these values by email ?
To be complete : I want to receive an email when the script is running (ok, it’s done) and with the time where the sequence will start if the weather is good (this time = the astronomical night). Same things with the dawn : time where the sequence will run the skyflats !

Thank you all,


Just insert a “send email” after each “wait for…” Command?

If you are looking for a more complete notification, I’d recommend checking out the VoyagerBot created by Liuyi and Kun. I have everything that i need to know pushed to my phone. Superb.

Yes, but it will send email when the “wait Time” condition will be done … If I launch my script at 17h, I would like to know the astronomical night Time at 17h, not waiting the begining to know the time …

I don’t konw VoyagerBot…what is it ?

Hi Romuald,

actually is not possible (know before the wait). This need a new dedicated block in DragScript to send an email just with is information, becouse data in input is needed to calculate the night.

All the best