Dragscript Timeline estimates?

I typically loosely schedule imaging by hitting a few targets back-to-back with image count goals rather than specific times.

I don’t see anything within dragscript that would give an “estimate” of when sequences would start/stop based on other parameters (astronomical night, focus times, filter change times, readout times, etc.).

Is this functionality available?

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In the tools and editor menu there is a sequence duration estimator, but I don’t know if it accounts for focus time.

I used to chase image counts and sometimes still do a little, but I am moving more and more to constraining each sequence by hour angle with a large number of subs entered in the sequence slot so I know it will fill the time available between the start and end hour angles, then move on to the next target.

Thanks Paul.

@interplanetary … Estimation on DragScript is not possible, also because start of Sequence can be overrides or related to constraints. Time of execution and end is calculated using AI and statistics based on mobile average of last 50 actions execution times (each actions have is mobile average statistics focus, precise pointing, shot , download etc) , you can found the data for the sequence running on the widget in the status window here:

Paradigm of Voyager is best suited for time slot and not for exposures count, infact sequence have not memory of number of shot done. This until now … i’m working on adding memory to sequence but this way to shot can produce lower quality level data.

All the best

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