Dual Scope Heaven

Ok, Voyager officially rocks!

Yesterday evening everything came together on my dual scope setup. I installed the upgraded Lakeside focuser driver which got rid of the frequent focus movement errors, Moravian issued a new version of the ASCOM driver which now supports two independent cameras and two filter wheels (which got rid of my issues running two Moravian cameras on the same computer) and Voyager now fully supports multiple scopes on one mount, including running sequences, focusing, dithering etc. also using just one computer.

I’ve been after a solution like this for about three years now and finally its become a reality. The setup was surprisingly easy and once I got my head around the way the array works it just did its thing, amazing. I still need to work out and set my filter offsets for focusing but that will have to wait until I’m allowed to drive to dark skies again.

Anyway just wanted to say thanks Leo for the hard work over the last few months, for me at least that has really paid off!


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