Eagle3 and voyager

Hello. Is anyone using eagle 3 computer with voyager? Any problems I should be aware?


using both, no iussue at all :wink:

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Thanks. I have my second setup and observatory building and I got the eagle 3 cheaply. I’am looking forward to test it. The reports on eagle have not been that great. Some connection issues and some others problems people are getting.

Hoping it will work for me.

Will be interesting to image with 2 mounts same time, looking forward to that.

Well… An eagle has intel hardware plus a custom made board. power connections are super-safe, maybe can be wifi settngs the weak area. i have abbandoned teamviewer for anydesk, going much better. even if i use an ubiquiti ap (that are not so great) i do not have problems

I have an Eagle3S and have had very good luck with Voyager. Rare disconnects.

Thank you for the feedback. Looking forward to getting my new system up and running. I will be testing the voyager dashboard on both system’s also, if I could stop using teamviewer.