Empty Ephemeris data

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I enter targets via RoboTarget Manager. When I went to see my targets on RoboTarget, the Ephemeris Data is empty. Why ?
My setup is connected, the coordinates of my mount is entered correctly, the connexion will sky chart is functional …

You have to run the RoboTarget once to get the Ephemeris loaded. I had the same question. Once run it displays fine.


Okay thank you, I will test tonight (I can run RoboTarget during the day …).


Hi Romuald, I saw that you have ScopeDome, do you use the switch (Mount ON, Camera ON), in to the dragscript?
I couldn’t make them work


No, I use an IPX800. I switch ON camera, etc. via batch files.

I’ve never used the ScopeDome switches.

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Romuald thanks for the reply, I’ll see for a solution like that

Viking can manage the ScopeDome switch

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I try this night and all is ok :slight_smile: Thank you all !
On the Ephemeris graph, what is the purple Line ? There is two magenta lines (violet and pink). One is the Moon Phase, but whitch one and what is the other one ?


The one that’s the same for all targets (I think the magenta) is moon-phase; the other one is the distance between Moon and target; the higher the more separated.

Thank you Yizhou for your answer !

I’ve explained in my video and also Rowland:


I hope this helps.

Red area is where the constraints are not satisfied, cyano area is the altitude constraints if you have one, blu area is the actual running sequence for the target(if one)