English Language "Manual" - Introducing the Voyager Wiki


TL;DR: An English language Voyager Wiki is now available at: https://voyager.tourstar.net

I “discovered” Voyager in December 2018 and was very impressed. I have used almost all the image acquisition products out there and I saw that Voyager was special.

I don’t speak Italian so I figured it out using Google translate on the Voyager Italian language manual. This was enough to get going, and I enjoyed night after night of successful all night unattended imaging with Voyager.

So… while you can figure Voyager out without English documentation, I think many, many more English-speaking astroimagers would use Voyager if there was an English manual, and I decided to build one online so I could keep up with Leo’s rapid introduction of new features.

The Wiki is now live and covers all of Voyager. There is a Quick Start tutorial and more will follow.

Leo has been super helpful with answering questions, and you will find some “(Confirm?)” notes throughout where I am still getting information to clarify some things.

The nature of a Wiki is to constantly be improved, and to allow community involvement. If you see things that need fixing, or want to help with the Wiki (maybe adding examples and more tutorials?), leave a reply here and we’ll get in touch.



Thanks a lot for the effort Rowland! Even if i am italian, i have used it a lot of times. It is very well done!

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There aren’t enough words to say you thanks. Your work is absolutely of great value for me and the Voyager’s users. Great effort yours … speechless ! I hope I can reward you somehow because I feel strongly in debt.

All the best


Thank you so much for your contributions Rowland. This was surely an undertaking, and you’ve done it in very fast order. It will help a lot of new users get familiar with Voyager, as I know it will help me!

Excellent work!



Huge thanks and shout out here, Rowland … this is very much appreciated and will be really, really valuable for the English speaking set. I personally have been enthralled with the sheer capability and absolute rock solid reliability of Voyager since I discovered it a few months ago (and it will be going live on nine more telescopes that I have running in a few weeks) and have had no problem using Google Translate to understand things (heck, for Voyager I’d learn Sanskrit or Cuneform!) but others would benefit have been hesitant due to the language barrier and this will really, really help. Again, huge thanks and big shout out, I owe you a nice bottle of Napa wine!


CrzHrs, Leo, Gabe, Craig - you guys are extremely welcome! This is the kind of project I like to dig my teeth into, it combined my astrophotography and computer interests, helped me learn Voyager and gave me an excuse to finally put up a “real” Wiki on some subject.

Like you, Craig, I am honestly bowled over by Voyager’s stability. Leo’s skills and experience writing robust software in his day job are benefiting this community. Voyager can’t fix a broken cable but it does a lot more than other packages I’ve used to recover from “soft” errors.

I won’t forget that offer of Napa wine :slight_smile: . One of my other “pro bono” activities is publishing a weekly newsletter listing local wine dinners and tastings here in the Research Triangle Park area of NC.



Is really an impressive and useful work, Rowland. Many thanks: I’m Italian, but I can also read in english…

Clear skies…


Hi Rowland,

Thanks for doing this. I will take time to read through everything so that I understand the style of the Wiki. Then, I’m happy to add details of the SC Observatory multiple scope operation - it was created by Leo on our behalf. Let me know if this is an addition that you would welcome. Andy


Hi Andy,

You’re very welcome. And yes, adding info about the SC Observatory support would be great. I’m happy to edit for style too so don’t worry too much about that.



Thanks Roberto! It’s been a fun project. I have a tendency to go a little overboard :slight_smile: !

The Wiki software supports translation so if we ever need it in other languages, that can be done by a translator.



I’ve had a few requests for example DragScripts, so I added some more remarks to my “Startup to Shutdown” script and made a Wiki page about it:


I’ve asked Leo to review it so there may be some changes after he finishes - and of course any one else who wants to add some feedback, please do.

I’m interested to know what other DragScript examples would be helpful.



Thanks Andy … please i’m very happy if you add this in wiki … so people can understand what Voyager is capable to do with telescope array.

All the best


@Rowland_Archer I checked and send to you a mail . Many thanks again . For translation i’m very interesting i want to translate in italian (ore have a friend do that). What the operation to do ?


Hi Leo - I will send you an explanation for translation of the Wiki. We just have to “enable the page for translation” and then do it.




Thanks for the example dragscripts! This is great.


My pleasure! The more I write, the more I understand (with Leo’s help!). I’m sure we can all continue to share and improve in our use of this excellent imaging software.

I am documenting the sample DragScripts that come preloaded with Voyager and will add them to the Wiki soon.