Eta Carina Nebula

Hi all,

After about 12 months of working out issues ( still ongoing ) and building and testing my remote observatory I am happy to start being able to take images from it. Completely controlled by Voyager at this stage I can run a sequence and let it run until it finishes. Right now I manually activate the relays via viking to open and close the roof, but I hope to be able to do this via a dragscript when I can work it all out. This is an image I took on the weekend using this Observatory and my Gear.

Eta Carina Nebula
Telescope: 200mm f4 newtonian.
Camera : ASI533mc Pro

Bortle 2 skies.

30 x 5min exp Gain 101, Offset 50

Happy with the way it turned out although I think the colours are off, not sure. Still I like the dusty look to it. I hope you like it too.

Andrew Wall