Evaluating Your Software



I am evaluating your software. I really like it. I am looking for stability. I apologize for writing in English. This is the first software I have used that was easy to install and learn even without an English manual. I have it fully operational. I have a couple of questions.

Is there some way to not stop guiding during focusing? I have other cameras going and I want to continue guiding. If not, do you plan to add this feature? I suppose I could just guide separately.

Also, I would like to dither every few frames instead of each frame. Can you add this feature in the future?

That is it. I really like what I see. I have been using it for only three days and really like the software. I think it will be very popular some day soon.




you can absolutely write in english ! Welcome and thanks for your time to try Voyager. Voyager is made to be easy but manual is ongoing…

Actually Voyager stop guiding but … introducing LocalField continue guiding must be good to develop, another user ask this. I add in the next daily Build but if focus failover start normal Robostar guiding will be stopped forcely.

For the dithering each x shot ok, i add it in the next daily build.

All the best,


May i add an idea? it is probably useless (due common usage), but in the drag script editor at voice Actions->guiding, maybe adding “start guiding” and “stop guiding” would add some more flexibility (or redundance since it is inside sequences, but you never know what people thinks or does…)

I also write here to avoid other double useless posts:

  • Another cool thing that could be implemented on dragscript is the control of PrimaLuceLab Eagle or Pegasus intellibox: it would be nice to turn off dew heaters and cameras when not running.

  • Maybe, to simplyfy learning curve to newbies, add to the section tab a link to the sequence page (just to make it more visible)

I liked a lot the ability of your interface to adapt both to a screen or a tablet, helps a lot at home:). Hoping this damn mist goes away…



Are you developing multiple scopes/imaging trains on a single mount? If so, we should probably exchange notes/ideas. I am totally impressed by Voyager. I do like it better. I appreciate Leo placing those small two parameters into the application.

They will allow me to have minimal dither yet not totally ruin the frames on the smaller scopes each and every primary scope shot. My system has totally stabilized. I think it was the USB cord and the focusing of course not good in the other platform. A switch to Voyager to fix the focusing issues is a must in my eyes.


Right now i am working on an easier setup, but i am sure 100% it will develop into a dual rig. Lately i wanted to involve tsx and i felt the need to have way more control on the script, voyager has the right way to do it.

I know 100% from others that Leonardo is doing a great job, being one person he’s doing even too much. I never heard anyone complaining about crashes or failures from his software, that means truly a lot!

There are many (maybe) small minor things i wish to see implemented,that “I” suppose useful:

Controlling the primalucelab Eagle:

  • Turning on/off the switches/ports/dewbands
  • Being able (maybe not possible… but i think yes) to control the beeper on the power board (=2 beeps means error,something like that, so when you are far from home you have to babysit the system only when it calls you)


  • For some reason that we do not figure out, someone might prefer to turn off guiding from sequence and manage it from drag script (maybe for some strange setup voyager automates everything but the sequences that are made elsewhere…). This is a scenario i figure out, maybe will never be used, maybe could be… from a guiding tab i’d expect start stop and calibrate :smiley:


  • Maybe it would help people to open a section where to share scripts: we’re not all suited to do that :slight_smile:

right now i am still learning dragscript, and i found how beautiful decisions are! However decisions are unable to optimize MoonGlow, that is why, same as Rockstarbilly on CN, i am studying also SkyTools4… if only the mist would go away…

Arrays will come later :wink:

Notice: ok , maybe i’ve talked too much. Truth is i dont have a clue on developer’s schedule/plans for future, so no real need to answer!

Have a nice Christmas to you all!



Voyager have an advanced version where is possible to manage an array up to 4 elements in one mount, you can found an example here:

For Dragscript i’ll add the 2 block asked in the next daily Build.

For Pegasus Astro i finished to implement it … a user send to me the controller and i talk to the producer because there are some error to fix in ASCOM driver to become usable with stability policy in Voyager. I wait at days the new version released.

For PrimaluceLab answer , sorry, is no.

For the forum i’m going to open a section if is not already opened.

All the best and thanks again for your time to try Voyager


I would be interested in purchasing the advanced version when it becomes available.


Is a costum version working in LAN or in Virtual Environment. Licensing is for node.
You can contact me in private if you want more info.

All the best,


Now that i think, there would be another nice addition both for decisions and tabs:

  • Decisions: If moon is over/under altitude “x” (do not image if moon is at zenith, but this could involve also moon phase… not easy)

  • Windows->Status->Target:Show also moon’s curve within the target’s curve.

This has to be engeneered, it could be seen as “moon’s luminance”

Not an easy one, it is related to many variables… keep on a corner, maybe one day…


The moon management is under development. Thanks to remind me.

All the best


Trovato il subforum… sorry per la svista!

Buon natale a te e famiglia! :slight_smile:


Is the “dither every x frames” added yet? I can’t seem to find it in the most recent build.


I’m working now finishing the 2.0.14 release, in the next hours will be ready to download.

All the best


The feture requested is ready to use in Release 2.0.14.

Welcome PilotAstronomy


Saw that this morning. Installed it and connected my gear. I’ll test it out the next clear night. Thanks!


Number 2 request for moon info


I have an Alnitak XL on the wall on Com 6 ( does not have a cover function )
and Alnitak Flip Cover on Com 8.

Is there a way to connect both devices so I can get full function while using Voyager?



Moon info Is on development … library is already in Voyager. Just need to create an intercation with dragscript

For your request i can add a second flat device and expand flat action and dragscript, no problem.
All the best


Excellent !

Thank you