Example script for Paramount mounts

Anyone have an example of a script they use with their Paramount mounts. I have the generic example scripts from the wiki just wanted to see a few actual scripts in actual use. Attached is the script I will use on an upcoming trip to a dark sky site for nightElDorado1st.vos (105.1 KB) 1.
I’d be interested in comments for improvements.

Hi George,

sorry for delay on answer.
I look at your DragScript and is really good.
You have scheduled Sequences to run for 2 hour each so if there’s an error you repeat 3 times … so for me add an altitude constraint to avoid pointing of sequence with target out of scope. Just overrides the data in sequence block configuration, or choose a data interval fixed in start sequence timing options.

If you need help we can do togheter.

All the best

Thanks for the suggestions. I implemented a fixed time to start and end for each session. The object I am going after in the script is above 35 degrees from sundown to sunup but subsequent nights I will have multiple different objects that are not up all night. This will really help. Now I just have to get voyager auto focus set up tonight and I will be ready to rock.

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You are welcome, if you need help just let me know.

All the best