Feature Request: centralized communication settings in the profile to be used by DragScript

I kindly request to implement a feature that centralizes the default notification settings in the profile and make them usable in DragScript signals as an option.

Why / what happened to me:

I run an all-night-DragScript that has now about 400 lines, many of them are Telegram signals about the script activities. The Chat_ID I used was the ID of a private normal Telegram group.
(I never noticed before that there are different types of groups)

Due to a change in the group permission settings the normal group was migrated by Telegram to a supergroup automatically.
Unfortunately this changed the Chat_ID and all of my DragScript signaling was broken in an instant. So I had to go through the whole script to change the Chat_Id in all the telegram signals. That was quite a pain in the ass and I’m certainly not sure that I got them all.
Since DragScript file is a binary format, no easy search-and-replace is possible.

According to Dr. Google it can not be guaranteed that Chat_id might not change again, e.g. due to changes in the Telegram software itself.

If I would have to write this code I would implement it like this:

  • make an additional tab in the profile that contains the settings for all the types of communication (Email, telegram and all the others), those that make sense to centralize
  • in the DragScript signal items make additional checkboxes “use default settings from the profile” (where it makes sense, of course)
  • the checkbox should not be set per default to allow existing DragScripts to run as before when the feature was not implemented (downward compatibility)
  • by activating the checkbox, the local setting of communication parameters should be grayed out and replaced by the centralized settings internally

That has several advantages:

  • easy to change central settings that can always be overruled locally, if needed
  • same DragScript can be use different communication settings just by changing the profile (think about equipment shared by users, evey user gets own messages while using the equipment)
  • only one-time effort to make a DragScript ready for changes of settings in the future

It’s not only a problem for Telegram. What if my email address is changing? Same thing.

Would be nice to see something like this in the future.