Features that Voyager doesn't have

To be clear with user or interested to Voyager, this is the things that Voyager doesn’t do, i enlarge the post adding in the time:

  • not save status of Sequence … each time restart from begin
  • not have a frame and focus wizard
  • not have a viewer for FIT
  • not manage directly multi target you must use dragscript
  • not manage GAIN and OFFSET of CMOS just what ASCOM can do
  • not have camera control inside for CANON or NIKON or SONY
  • not have direct driver for ASI, QHY or other kind of camera except QSI
  • not have dome internal control with geometry calculation
  • you cannot change during sequence the data , you must restart the sequence
  • not manage earlier or retarded meridian flip
  • not create model for pointing
  • not have a polar alignment system
  • not manage multi instance
  • not manage Rotator plate solving
  • not manage PA on Sequence
  • not allow to connect/disconenct a single control but all the controls at time
  • It is not fast but only honest

Something of this point never have a solution and sorry about. I can suggest to use SGP or NINA that is a wonderful project. If you want to use anyway Voyager i know to have tell to you this not features.

All the best