Few beginner questions and observations

I am currently trying out the voyager trial version and I am really excited about its potential. I have a few mix bag of observations, questions or suggestions depending on how you see it.

  1. V curve: As a new user I had to run the first light wizard and add few v curve under the profile. I was looking for a setting where I could specify run ‘x’ number of v curves that i could not find. I had to wait for each run of v curve to finish and then click Add v curve to start another v curve process.

  2. Slot in sequence (on the fly) or Flat sequence: If i uncheck a slot it seems to behave as deleting the row. Initially I saved the sequence with LRGB and narrow band filters. Following night I loaded the same sequence but only wanted to do Narrowband so I unticked the LRGB rows. Later on I realized those rows were deleted. The issue is slightly more annoying with the Flat sequence as there is specific brightness, min exp, max exposure settings for each filter associated. I am thinking setting repeat to 0 next time instead of unchecking the row. But I guess it would be nice if the sequence preserved the user selection.

  3. Rotator: My understanding is this is work in progress. But I am not sure how much of work is in progress and how much can be done at this stage. When trying last night Plate solve would indicate one PA but in my rotator PA would indicate something else. I wanted to sync the rotator PA to the platesolved PA but I am unsure if that’s possible at this stage.

  4. Connect/Disconnect:
    I usually connect the flat field manually towards the end of the session, which I can’t at this stage and I need to disconnect everything and set the fieldfield device and connect everything. Is that how it is? or is there a better way of doing it?


Hello srhasan

thank for trial Voyager, answer to your observations and so:

  1. Vcurve can be added one at time not more and is a manual task, you must wait until one is finish, better to look at what is running instead of simplify things

  2. Save sequence as and ineriths all the settings, do the modify you need. Voyager have another phylosophy in Sequence management from other automation systems

  3. actually Voyager not solve the Rotator Position or sync it, just move and flip manually, flip also in sequence, move and flip in dragscript. We will add for sure the Rotator Sync block after solve in DragScript but not in sequence

  4. you can connect from the begin and switch on light when you need also because usually connected is also the cover device in flat, or use 2 profile one with the device on one not , just save as your current profile and you will have 2 profile to modify. Connect and disconnect at your needed if you not are in full automation

Thank you so much for taking time to trial and wrote this post

All the best

Thanks for your reply Leonardo.

  1. Ok, I understand
  2. Ok. Is there any difference disabling the slot vs pressing ‘X’ to delete the slot in sequence?
  3. Will there be a command from command widget to sync the rotator PA? Currently i am calculating the difference between whats shown in the rotator PA and whats shown in the plate solve PA and then sending a rotate command as per required move.
  4. Ok, undertood.


  1. yes sure

All the best