Filter Wheel Control with TheSkyX as Camera Proxy

I’m evaluating Voyager v2.1.6 and had some issues when connecting to my equipment.

My system is:

  • Paramount MyT
  • ZWO AS1600MM Pro
  • ZWO EFW (8 x 1.25″/31mm or 7 x 36mm)
  • Optec TCFs focuser
  • TheSkyX Pro 10.5.0 with Camera AddOn
  • ZWO X2 Camera Driver 19.3.6 (Driver v2.70)
  • ZWO X2 Filter Wheel PlugIn (Driver v2.0)
  • ASCOM 6.4
  • Microsoft Windows 10 Pro (all current updates)

I’m presently using TheSkyX to control all of the above hardware and that works well.

While following the very helpful Voyager Quick Start Tutorial, I chose TheSkyX Camera AddOn for the camera setup (video ~8m37s) and noted there was no capability to perform a setup for the filter wheel.

Subsequently, when using Voyager to establish a connection with the MyT and the AS1600MM, I am unable to determine how to select a filter from Voyager. The only filter choice, in the drop-down widget, is Default.

Feedback on what my mistake is would be appreciated.

Would all of this work better if I configured Voyager to use ASCOM (rather than TheSkyX) to control the camera and filter wheel?


There’s not problem to use TSX as camera controller. TSX camera add on take care of camera and filterwheel. You must setup filters in TSX, after … just go in Voyager setup, camera tab , filters box … and press button GET to retrieve filters FROM TSX (this when setup is not connected to Voyager)



Thanks for the quick response. That was easy :grinning:

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