Filter wheel options display and Vcurve questions

Quick question:

On my normal setup I have a camera which allows temperature control, but I have an old Atik 16IC that doesn’t allow that, and with this camera I have an ATIK FW, brand new. From the tests of this new setup I don’t see any option to change the filter if I want to. It’s not that it’s that important since Voyager still changes filter alone if I use OnTheFly tab, but it is just a question out of curiosity.

More, since I changed my imaging train, I know I will have to run a new Vcurve. My question is if I have to do it everytime I switch imaging train setups, or are they stored within the profile and I just need to select the correct profile?


Disable the temperature control in Voyager Temperature Control Allowed by Camera:

Voyager adjust filter for each action based on what requested or configured, change manually is not required.If you want to change filter manually use the widget command window for camera:

VCurve is stored in profile, if you have a profile for each setup You don’t need to redo anything. Just select the right profile.

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I’ve done it but it still doesn’t show Leo.

Nice to know. Thanks for it Leo!

I dont understand what you don’t see … may you explain ?

I was just having a look using a filter wheel simulator as I am looking at buying a filter wheel HA and Lum filters to allow me to capture HA with my OSC camera until I can afford to buy a mono camera and more filters.

I think what Molino is getting at is that the camera widget does not include a status window showing what the current filter is. You can select and set the Lum filter for instance in the camera widget but if you then requested an exposure through the red filter in the on the fly section, the filter is changed to red but the camera widget does not update to show that. Would it be possible to include a status window in the camera widget showing which filter the FW driver is reporting as being in place?

It is not really a great issue as Voyager does exactly what you ask it to do in a sequence, dragscript or on the fly exposure, it is just there is not visual feedback about what filter is currently in position as the filters are changed.

Voyager is a system integrator and can handle so many different systems (not like the other competitors), normalization is needed. Some camera control systems don’t report the actual filter (and some camera / fw driver), this is one reason why you don’t have the actual filter info.

Voyager is an automation software, usually unattended. You cannot do an operation without choosing the filter if a filter is needed so show the actual filter is something that doesn’t affect the operations.

I hope you all understand this.

It is not a problem for me, having experimented with simulators yesterday I can see that Voyager does what you ask it to (In that it selects the requested filter for any exposure) so there is no chance of taking an exposure with the wrong filter unless you actually select the wrong one yourself.

I was not aware that some drivers don’t report the current filter, you would think that would be fairly basic information that all drivers would send status for! Do they only send a “Stopped moving” response on filter changes? If they don’t report an actual position then a status window would be potentially misleading.

That was exactly it, but as already mentioned, it’s not a problem since the FW still works as needed!


Sorry but you will not found actual filter of a camera system in Voyager. Like said is not something all the systems can report and is not needed to work with Voyager.

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Actually with my other camera and FW I get to see what filter is in and I can manually change it. But understand, it is system dependent.