Filters with OSC Camera

My first post! I am a new user of Voyager.
I am working my way through a setup profile. In the Camera tab, I would like to specify my ASI294MC (OSC) and use filters. However when I tick the color box, the filter settings only allow “Bayer Matrix”. Can I tick the monochrome box, even though my camera is color?
Thanks for any help with this.


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Welcome Bruce,

yes, you can select monochrome flag on camera type and add a filter wheel with your filters. If you want to put manually the filter you can select an ASCOM simulator like filter wheel .

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Thankyou Leonardo,
So my fits image will still be RGGB thru the filters? (which is what I would expect) and the software does not change anything just because Mono is checked rather than Color.

Yes its correct , data inside FIT remain ok.

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