First mosaic using Array - Cepheus Potpourri

Cepheus in Perspective - B148, B149, B150, NGC6939 and NGC6946 - Mosaic - LRGB

Mosaic (my first!) composed of two panels along RA. Taken during nautical twilight as it does not get truly dark in England until late July now. L taken with Moravian G4 - 152mm refractor at 1300mm - and RGB with ASI2600 - 92mm refractor at 490mm.
Great field to ponder about the distance of objects along our line of sight: Barnard 150, the Seahorse Nebula is at roughly 1200ly; the cluster NGC6939 at 3860ly and NGC6946, the fireworks galaxy, at 22.5 million ly…

Check out the annotated RGB image (9K x 4K mosaic).

All made possible by Voyager despite the short nights (<3hrs). Working on a 9 panel mosaic in Cygnus now :crazy_face:





It’s a beautiful image Roberto.

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WOW… This is going to be amazing when its finished.

I’m also struggling with the short nights… And work in the morning.

Thank you Neil :+1:
LOL the image is finished…I’m not planning to add any more time to it. Now I wonder how it would have looked when finished :rofl:


Congrats Roberto, great work!

Thank you Francesco. None of this is possible without the Web Dashboard! :sunglasses: It’s the best tool out there to frame objects. That leaving aside the full control of Voyager from a mobile device. :+1:


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Nice! This is kind of imaging nirvana mosaic using an array of telescopes!


Absolutely lovely Roberto what a great image and great framing to get it all in. I totally agree with you on the web dashboard, it’s a real gem.

PS. I’m sure your sky is darker than mine :wink:

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Thank you Jose, Robert!