First Narrowband Image - Eta Carinae

First post and first attempt at narrowband imaging. Thanks Leondardo for all your assistance in getting Voyager up and running with my new NexDome observatory. Still a lot to learn but enjoying the process. The detail in this image amazes me compared to my previous OSC camera. The colours need some work. Taken with a ZWO ASI1600MM Pro on 8" F4 CF Newtonian and ASI294MM Mini OAG. 20x3min Ha, 20x3min OIII and 30x3min SII, minimal processing with Pixinsight - too impatient to get a result! Image capture completely automated with Voyager dragscript whilst sleeping. Start up, plate solve/precision pointing, focus, guiding, dithering, light frame capture, flat frame capture using Gemini SnapCap and shutdown. Dark frames and flat dark library captured previously with separate dragscripts. Amazing stuff made possible with Voyager. If anyone has similar equipment and needs help getting started, send me a message and I may be able to help. Still a beginner, but have spent a lot of time with help from Leonardo getting everything working. Leigh.


Great image Leigh.
Thank you so much for sharing it and sharing yuor support to the other users…really appreciated.

All the best

Wow! Beautiful image, thanks for sharing.



Thank you Jose. I checked out some of your images on the forum and they are awesome. Hopefully I will get to that level one day. Leigh.

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