First shots from London with Advanced

One “easy” target and another a bit more difficult. Easy is just a misnomer from London…
Main scope (152mm f/7.5 refractor) running under Advanced and acquiring L. Second scope (92mm f/5 refractor) linked under Array but triggered manually to image (for now :crossed_fingers:) and acquiring RGB using OSC camera.

IC2574 - LRGB:

17 hours in total = 9h 40m L and 7h 40m RGB

M42 - LRGB:

6h 40m = 3h 5m in L and 3h 35m OSC

Working on LBN762 (to be completed next year…), NGC4151 (almost finished), Sh2-240, … Have 93 targets loaded!

Bring on Voyager ARRAY Advanced Leonardo! :sunglasses: :wink: :muscle:t2:



Great stuff Roberto. I would have loved to taken part in this myself given the time - too many things and too little time…

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Marvelous, well done !!!

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Congratulations Roberto, all wonderful images !
First target is a really difficult target , so i’m not explain how you can take those results from your sky, so again congratulations !

I hope Voyager Advanced will help you to get the best.
Thanks for sharing.

All the best

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Thank you Robert, RKAS12 and Leonardo. Hoping to take many more images with Voyager Advanced despite the best efforts of London to prevent it! :laughing:


I’m really amazed of what you can do from London. I live in central London and gave up trying to do narrowband (including with 3nm filters). I went the easy route : I moved my equipment to France and Spain.

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Hi Fredd - it’s possible; Voyager makes it easier!


As they are, the images are excellent, however, if you take into account that they were captured from London it is simply extraordinary.



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Thank you Jose! A poor’s man effort to emulate your M42 from Australia :wink:

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